Welcome to our People section of our Historical Society!


The story of Tularosa is to tell about the people who founded and developed our community.  From the school teachers to the ranch hands to the fire fighters, these are the people

in which we will be capturing and sharing the stories about.  Each and every Tularosan

played a part in developing our community.  

 Check back often as we will be adding features and stories. 

Enjoy the photographic images below.

Honoring our Tularosa Mayors of our past.

It takes a special person to step forward, campaign for the office and try to make a difference and

to improve the community.  Mayors are visionaries who have the task of running the actual town.  They make decisions for the good of the the community and carry it forward.    It is here we will be featuring the history on each of our Mayors.  We will be working to gather much information

and share here what their individual experiences were with regard to our community.