The Historic Homes of Tularosa. 

​On February 14th, 1979, the Original Tularosa Townsite District, consisting of the

original forty-nine blocks (7 blocks by 7 blocks) was declared a historic district and

recorded in the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Our community has a amazing collection of beautiful homes with some dating back to the mid 1860 time frame.  Homes were built with the Adobe construction methods featuring minimal sized "rifle" sized windows.  The early homes were fortress designed residences providing much needed protection from the often raiding Apache. 

After the arrival of the railroad in 1899, numerous additional types of building materials became much more available.  Many of the Tularosa homes of that time were then built

in the Pueblo & Mission Revival architectural styles.  Vigas (exposed wooden beams

supporting the weight of the roofs) are apparent and visible on quite a few homes. 

Bungalow style homes also became common.  Frame, cast stone and concrete block construction also were used.

In the past, Tularosa Historic Home Tours were a popular activity to partake in.  Maps

were created for walking tours with explanations of the homes features.   

The Historical Society will be working to highlight on this page the many beautiful individual historic homes of our community.   We plan to also work with our homeowner neighbors to assist them with obtaining National Historic Registry.

Check back often here as this is also a primary and key focus area of the Historical Society

to tell this special story of the homes of Tularosa.  

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