The Tularosa Fiesta. 

una celebración de 150 años de nuestra cultura y nuestras tradiciones comunitarias.

A 150 year tradition celebrating the culture of our community.

The absolutely beautiful event occurs each early May at the historic St Francis De Paula Catholic Church in the center of our community.  The Historical Society is creating a special tribute to this event at both the Musuem and also here at this site.  We will be sharing and celebrating all the beauty, pageantry, music, food and the efforts that went into this annual Fiesta.  

Check back often here as this is a primary and key focus area of the Historical Society

to tell this special story of the Tularosa Fiesta.  

1972 Fiesta Historical Summary

1961 Fiesta Program

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1997 Fiesta Program

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2002 Fiesta Program

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2012 Fiesta Program

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