Safeguarding and Preserving What is Community Important.

In 1975, the Tularosa Village Historical Society was established with the focus to both care for and to share our rich history of our beautiful community of Tularosa, New Mexico.  We have something uniquely special in this community.   Our historic acequias (irrigation canals) were developed early in our community's life and many trees were planted.  The result we see today is a beautiful canopy of lush green historic trees providing abundant shade and cover.    Birds flock to our trees and flowers & plants grow in abundance.  The best time to experience the magic of Tularosa is to walk our historic 49 blocks in the early evening.  Peaceful, quiet, beautiful, lush greenery.  Simple beauty.  This is special.

Salvaguardar y preservar nuestra historia es primordial

Research and learn about the vibrant history of Tularosa!

Paper documents & photographs fade away as time passes.  Our rich Tularosa community history is being methodically captured, digitized & safely preserved though so that our Village story is secure and passed on to our families and future generations.  Great people have come before us and established this beautiful village of trees, flowers, homes, families and traditions.  We honor those pioneros who dedicated their time & efforts to make a special community.    

Honramos la cultura y la tradición.

Our historic St Francis De Paula church bell rings every morning at 7:00am, bringing our beautiful community to life.  The chickens, roosters and birds add to this soundtrack to our neighborhood.  The roses, lilies and iris flowers show their beautiful color for us to enjoy.  The pecan and mulberry trees provide lush green cooling shade from the relentless sun above.  The cherry, fig, plum, peach, apricot and nectarine trees give delicious treats for us to enjoy.  The nourishing fresh waters of the acequia irrigation canals flow slowly throughout our community.  

Meet The Tularosa Village Historical Society Staff

Brian Robert Donaldson

President & Curator

Susan Montgomery

Vice President

I have a passion for discovering and learning our United States history.  The State of New Mexico is a fascinating region that's amazingly rich in tradition, culture and opportunities.  People were drawn here

in the past with prospects to achieve and to live their American Dream and they have left their history for

us  to learn from.  I find it amazing how determined people were to establish a vibrant community called Tularosa.  I share and help tell that unique story of

the thousands of people that lived and thrived in

this beautiful community.  

Additional Community Historian Staff Members Assist Us To Support Our Vision!

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